Standing water in fields for some farmers

Paul Kassel

We had a lot of rain last year in late June and throughout July. And, this year appears to be similar.
There are areas that have had some heavy rains all spring. Those areas include Dickinson county, northern Clay county and parts of Emmet county. Other areas with some heavy rain since mid-June include areas from Laurens to Mallard to Emmetsburg to Ringsted. Those same areas received some heavy rain yesterday (July 14) – to the tune of three to four inches of rain. So there is a lot of water standing in the fields and the streams and rivers are running full to overflowing. And there is not much we can about it now. Some farmers have replanted their wet spots and potholes – but as you would guess – they are full of water again.
However, there are areas that could use a rain. We had a field day near Odebolt on Wednesday July 13. That area is not hurting for moisture but it has been awhile since they have had a rain.
Corn has begun tasseling. I would expect most corn fields to fully tasseled and silked by about July 22. The predicted hot and humid weather this weekend should speed the development of the corn crop. Since a lot of my area has adequate to excessive moisture, I do not expect the high air temperatures to have a lot of adverse affect on corn pollination. However, if the high temperatures persist into the grain fill period, those areas that are in need of rain may see some crop stress due to lack of soil moisture.
Soybeans are in the full bloom to early pod fill stage. Most farmers were fairly well caught up with glyphosate applications before all this rain. However, as one farmer told me – ‘excess rain, hot and humid weather – perfect for more waterhemp’. So I am guessing most fields will need another application of glyphosate before the summer is over.
Soybean aphids can be found in some areas. Currently they are not a problem – but farmers will need to keep checking fields to see if they reach economic threshold.

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