Replanting, late planting

Wet weather hampers corn planting across Iowa. Statewide as of June 2nd, 12% of our corn remained unplanted (88% statewide planted) (USDA link). Iowa Crop Reporting Districts (CRD) NC, NE, and Central lagged behind the other CRD’s with only 78, 74, & 83 percent planted, respectively. We’ve experienced one of the slowest planting seasons especially compared that of recent years (Figure1).
Some of the 12% unplanted area will either revert to other crops or will go unplanted – ‘Prevented Planting.’ In either case, farmers are advised to visit with their crop insurance agent (see this link) . Some farmers may choose to plant corn as soon as possible or in the case of ponding and flooding, they may choose to replant. If one of these is the case, two ICM articles posted on June 4th may provide information on frost risk, maturity dates, and yield potentials of hybrids with different Relative Maturities (RM) planted at one of four ISU Research & Demonstration Farms (ICM with Part 1 Modeled data; ICM with Part 2, Actual data) .
Table 1 displays my attempt at boiling the data down even more based on the modeled simulations and the actual replant experimental data presented in the two ICM articles. The captions and footnotes in the table explain the approach i took in summarizing the data.
Please remember that in summarizing data in this way, I’ve smoothed over a lot of the variation in the data. Hopefully though, this simplified approach aids producers in making decisions relative to replanting and/or late-planting.

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