Low prices now fit historical pattern

This spring was one of the few chances for farmers to make forward sales at profitable levels as corn and soybean prices return to a more-historical pricing pattern.

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WTO rules against U.S. COOL law again

In baseball terms, the mandatory country-of-origin-labeling (COOL) law is facing a 0-2 count in the bottom of the ninth inning

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Dry, windy weather helps move harvest forward

Harvest is going strong across the Midwest with good weather and dry conditions through the last part of October, which helps with moisture issues.

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Stover harvester training pays off for businesses

AMES — In Central Iowa, employees of newly created, small, local businesses are preparing and collecting corn stover as feedstock for the DuPont Biofuels Solutions cellulosic ethanol facility in Nevada.

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Iowa short on incumbents this election year

Iowa voters, like those in most other states around the country, tend to re-elect their members of Congress.

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Braley, Ernst race outcome could alter Senate balance

Braley, Ernst race outcome could alter Senate balance

No doubt about it, the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Iowa is a big one.

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Transportation infrastructure under stress

Transportation infrastructure under stress

Any farmer knows the harvest doesn’t end when the combine pulls out of the field. The corn still needs to be moved to market.

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Wet fields require special care

Wet fields require special care

As farmers finish harvest and prepare for the 2015 crop, experts say they should think about how wet conditions this year could affect their fields.

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Borlaug successor wins food prize

DES MOINES — Sanjaya Rajaram, a noted plant scientist who was born in India and is now a citizen of Mexico, is this year’s World Food Prize Laureate.

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